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Google Analytics

Partial outage
Started over 3 years agoLasted 20 days



Partial outage from 6:18 PM to 3:20 PM

3rd Party API's

Partial outage from 6:18 PM to 3:20 PM

Google Analytics API

Partial outage from 6:18 PM to 3:20 PM

  • Resolved

    The Google Analytics team notified us of a fix in place this morning. We've backfilled all sessions and pageviews data and have reviewed it to be accurate. The earnings summary has been restored and all systems are normal!

  • Identified

    Google has acknowledged this problem and is continuing to work on resolving the incident of their API being slow but has not been able to provide a timeline. We're continually monitoring the API performance and pulling data as we can. Once Google has fixed the core problem, we will backfill all data from the outage period.

    In the meantime, please continue using your analytics data from your Google Analytics Dashboard, and if you'd like help calculating your RPM you can reach out to support or calculate your rpm using the following equation: revenue / sessions * 1000

  • Identified

    The Google Analytics API has been slow to report this week and is continuing to cause delays or gaps in analytics reporting. This is NOT affecting earnings, but is affecting our RPM calculations & the earnings summary in the dashboard.

    To see earnings information, scroll past the Earnings Summary down to the Earnings & RPM section of the dashboard. Earnings will be accurate after 10 am the following day. RPM and Sessions data will not be accurate until Google Analytics reporting is complete. Once the issue has been resolved on Google's end, we will backfill all reporting data.